Friends of Hornsey Church Tower (FoHCT) and Hornsey Historical Society (HHS) publications can be obtained from the at the Old Schoolhouse, 136 Tottenham Lane, London, N8 7EL.

A selection of these and other relevant publications:

Bridget Cherry, Ivy-Mantled Tower: A History of the Church and Churchyard of St. Mary Hornsey, Middlesex Hardcover
Hornsey Historical Society (16 Sept. 2015)

Thyrza Meacock, A Hundred Year History of St. George’s Church
Hornsey Historical Society, 2006 – The well-illustrated story of St. George’s Church which once stood in Priory Road, suffered badly in the Second World War and was rebuilt in Cranley Gardens and now as St. Mary’s with St. George is the Parish church of Hornsey.

Joan Schwitzer, Buried in Hornsey: the graves of St. Mary’s Churchyard
Hornsey Historical Society, 2000 – This illustrated booklet gives a brief history of St. Mary’s Church and a conducted tour around the churchyard describing the tombs, gravestones and memorials of some of Hornsey’s famous former residents.

Eric Robinson, Geology from a churchyard: a tombstone trail round St. Mary’s
Hornsey Historical Society, 2000 – This illustrated booklet, written by an eminent local geologist, provides an informative account of the materials, design and features of St. Mary’s 18th and 19th century gravestones and tombs.

Ken Gay, From Forest to Suburb
Hornsey Historical Society, 1988 Traces the formation of the Parish of Hornsey.

David Bevan, Hornsey Churchyard Nature Trail
Friend’s of Hornsey Church Tower, 1990

F.T. Cansick, A Collection of Curious and Interesting Epitaphs in Middlesex

Bridget Cherry, Hornsey Church Tower, a brief history and guide
Friend’s of Hornsey Church Tower1993

Bridget Cherry, Hornsey Church Depicted
Hornsey Historical Society Bulletin 49, 2008, pp. 36-39

Steven Denford, Hornsey Past: Crouch End, Muswell Hill, Hornsey
Historical Publications Limited, 2008

Monumental Inscriptions with index to St Mary Hornsey
Recorded by Pauline Dallman, Enid Hunt and friends, North Middlesex Family History Society, 1987; typescript

Ian Murray, St Mary’s church Hornsey, Hornsey
Hornsey Historical Society Bulletins 1985, pp. 2-3, 27, 1986 p.31

Joan Schwitzer, Buried in Hornsey, the graves of Saint Mary’s Churchyard
Hornsey Historical Society, 2000

Royal Commision on Historical Monuments, Middlesex 
1937, 78-79

Victoria County History of Middlesex, vol. VI