Christmas Lights 2016

img8The remedial electrical works that were required to bring the Tower wiring up to standard and enable the IEE Certificate to be issued were fortunately completed just in time for the Christmas lights to be installed prior to the festivities. The picture shows the display from the north side of the Tower with light clusters in the stairway windows, an innovation for 2016. As part of the electrical works/inspection the decorative lights were PAT certified (Portable Appliance Testing) with just one unit not meeting the standard and having to be replaced.

img8For a number of years we have been adorning the Tower with lights for the Christmas period, each year experimenting with new ways of trying to combat the attempts by the weather to blow them all away. Dangled strings of lights danced around in a rather alarming way, and so for 2013 Christmas we tried loops instead, which proved more stable in the high winds.

Garden of Remembrance Planting

img10The re-planting of the Garden of Remembrance has been the major activity of the Friends since 2008 when the south border was completely dug over, extended and replanted. The next stage was a thorough survey of the existing plants in the other three borders. A few choice shrubs were retained but the majority were grubbed up and a comprehensive replanting took place. The results, shown in this photograph, can only be described as exuberant. The whole garden is now a place of delight. We are always pleased to welcome anyone who would like to join us to keep it this way. There is also work needed in the rest of the churchyard and volunteers are equally welcome to help maintain this as an open space which people enjoy and where they feel safe.